Videos of Concert Works

The Last Letter Song Cycle – Performed by Alexandra Kassouf, Constella Arts Festival Orchestra,

Conducted by Jose Luis Gomez

Violin Concerto – Performed by Tatiana Berman, conducted by Jose Luis Gomez

After the poem – Revisions of the World by Jessica d’Este

Constella Festival, Cincinnati, OH

22nd April 2016


Lewis Carroll’s Phantasmagoria – Trailer






Songs Disk Trailer

Seagull Nebula (extract)


Illusions of This World

Performed by the Welsh Sinfonia, Conducted by Mark Eager

An Extract from Michael Csányi-Wills’ “Illusions of This World”, Welsh Sinfonia, Mark Eager from Michael Csányi-Wills on Vimeo.


Last Letter

Performed by Ilona Domnich