Concert Repertoire List


Symphony no 2

Symphony Orchestra (31′)

Symphony no 1

Symphony Orchestra (38′)

Nocturne (in memory of Yodit Tekle)

(approx 10″) – strings

Illusions of this World

(approx 25″)
(2 fl, 2Hn, Strings) also arr. for 11 winds.

The Seagull Nebula

(2 fl, 2 obs, 2 cl, 2 bs, 2Hn, Strings)
Also arr. Full Symphony orchestra
(approx 12″)


A tango Suite in 3 movements (13mins)
for strings Orchestra


for String Orchestra (12′ approx)

Purple Whispers

for String Orchestra (10′ approx)


(with Piano Reduction)

Violin Concerto

‘Revisions of the Earth’
for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
(1 fl,1 Ob, 1 Cl, 1 Bs, 1 Hn, Timp, Strings)
(approx 19″)


for Narrator and Chamber Orchestra
Text by Lewis Carroll
(1 fl,1 Ob, 1 Cl, 1 Bs, 1 Hn, 1 Tp, 1 perc, Strings)
(approx 35″)
(timings from 5 mins through to 40 mins, as each movement can be performed individually)

Trombone Concerto

For Trombone and Orchestra (15″)
(2 fl, 2 obs, 2 cl, 2 bs, 2Hn, 2tb, 1btb, 1tba, perc, timps, Strings)
+ arr. Wind Band

Elegy for our time

for Soprano and Orchestra (6 mins)

Six A.E.Housman Songs

for Male voice and Orchestra (approx 42 mins)

The Last Letter Cycle

“The Siege”, “The Waldsee Postcard” & “The Last Letter”
for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra (15′ approx)

Portraits of a Mask

for Saxophone and Strings (22′ approx)

Accompanied Vocal / Instrumental

Clarinet Sonata

for Clarinet and Piano (‘19)

Karlovka Variations

for Bass Clarinet and Piano (‘11)

Violin Sonata

for Violin and Piano (‘21)

3 Songs in times of Pandemic

Soprano / Violin / Piano (15′)

Long Lost Songs

Baritone / Tenor and Piano (30′)

12 Songs “On Horizons Far”

Baritone / Tenor and Piano (32′)

Six Housman Songs

Baritone / Tenor and Piano (42′)

Bell’ Eta

for Cello and Piano (6′ approx)

Alto Stratus

for Saxophone and Piano (11′ approx)


for Violin and Piano (5′ approx)

Chamber Music

Piano Trio

for Clarinet, Cello and Piano

A Lesser Known Ballet

for Flute, Clarinet, Cor Anglais and Bassoon (10″)


(From Dante’s Vita Nuova)
for Soprano, Baritone, String Quartet and Oboe


A tango suite in 3 movements for Tango Quintet (13’mins)


For Saxophone Quartet (8′ approx)


for Alto flute, Cor anglais, Bass clarinet and Electronics (5′ approx)

Glass Time

for Clarinet, Piano and Electronics (5′ approx)

The Yeoman

for Tenor and String Quartet, 2001 (11′ approx)

Solo Instrumental


for Solo Violin (5′ approx)


Solo Cello (11′ approx)


for Alto flute (5′ approx)


52 Prayers

for Choir, Strings and Crotales (30mins)
Words by Jessica d’Este

Cadogan Psalm

for Solo Violin, Strings and Choir (7mins)


for Choir and Organ (10′ approx)

Song of Ascents

for Choir, Horn & Strings

Noah’s Lullaby (Hwiangerdd Noah)

for Choir and Piano