Recovering Misogynist

Recovering Misogynist is a magical realist #metoo story. 

It rips through Bluebeard, Mary Beard, Evangelical Christians, Occupy activists, lawyers in Washington, moms in Cambridge, the possibility of justice and you, the audience, as a kind of jury.

Tarana Burke started #metoo to create empowerment through empathy. Can that really be a kind of power? Now? For us all?

Filmed in May in Cambridge for Cambridge Junction, Recovering Misogynist is an experiment in digital theatre delivery read by the writer, Rachel Mariner (Bill Clinton HerculesFriendship Play). It was written with Hannah Jane Walker and Caroline Horton with images by Fourth Culture Films Ltd and Twoflix. Produced by Sarah Reed. Music by Michael Csányi-Wills. Found footage of Harvard Law School musical theatre West Law Story and The Malfeased Falcon. Supported by Catherine Willmore and Troop, the Cambridge Junction Artist collective.

Developed with funding from Arts Council England.